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My child👶 will start learning English when the time comes. But when exactly does it come?
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March 22, 2021
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My child👶 will start learning English when the time comes. But when exactly does it come?
English Gym 2.0 helps very young children to start English language acquisition as early as possible. And note that we don’t even call it LEARNING👨‍🏫, because playing English Gym 2.0 is pleasant and exciting, and it doesn’t feel like memorizing long word lists or drilling grammar rules. We help your child dive into English in a natural way – through activities, games, videos and songs.

🔥English Gym 2.0🔥 is the first step into the English language for children. We have a set of more than 400 everyday language words to study. All the learned words are revised regularly, due to spaced repetition learning technique, specially adapted for children, and won’t be forgotten as soon as the app is closed🕚. Every single word is voiced by a real child actor (have you seen something like this before?!). The app is suitable for kids from 2 to 8 years old as it includes simple words and songs as ABC’s and more complex phrases.

We not only teach words but also phrases and language constructions used in everyday speech. Our approach helps children to appreciate the communicative value of the English language and make their learning meaningful and enjoyable.
The interface is intuitive and accessible even for small children. The app is completely 🚫ad-free🚫 even the free version because we don’t want anything to distract your child from learning.
The users of the free version of English Gym 2.0 can watch English music videos without a limit, however, the number of games is restricted to 3 games a day.

In the premium version of English Gym 2.0, there are no daily restrictions for the number of games to play. For better results, we recommend spending at least 1 hour a week revising words, in English Gym 2.0. Visit the app regularly, practice makes perfect.

Install the TRIAL version to see all the benefits of English Gym 2.0 and then go for the PREMIUM.

We understand that young learners have a shorter attention span and are easily bored. Our solution is simple – we make learning fun by introducing new games EVERY WEEK. Learning English in English Gym 2.0 is always pleasant because almost every time you visit the app there is a surprise waiting for you.
Moreover, kids engage with different types of content – English games, native English videos, “Treat games”.


We know for sure how to motivate young learners to study English and also give them a primary understanding of economical processes. Click the game controller picture in the upper right corner and meet the “Treat games”!
Engaging and challenging games for all types of users are available there. But one cannot just have fun for the sake of fun, it’s an English-learning app after all. It’s necessary to study a bit and earn some game-coins first, the Fun doesn’t come for granted!

We apply PPP model to our learning program, the first P stands for Presentation (the learner is introduced to the new vocabulary item and his attention is focused on it for the first time), the second P is Practice. The main goal of this stage is to drill freshly acquired knowledge to move it from the short-term memory to the long-term.
The last P stands for Production. This step is aimed at creating stronger and deeper connections with the new word in the learner’s brain. The learner reproduces new language concepts, using previous knowledge and ensuring better understanding and memorization.

Some additional perks of our educational app for children:

👍no synthetic voice, voiced by a real person
👍colorful design
👍parents’ page
👍new games every week

What's new

Hi, how are you doing? BTW, we're doing just fine, and without further ado, we're introducing you to English Gym 2.0.17 new features:


Moreover, we have a whole new second part of the onboarding and you can now contact the support team during the onboarding process if you have any questions or problems. We support our users on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram.
And finally, you will no longer see traces of winter design in the app - it's Spring after all!

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